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Hills and Vineyards
Westside Road and Eastside Road both run between the towns of Forestville and Healdsburg. The area they cover is home to many unique wineries and prize vineyards. The old roads provide some of the slowest driving opportunities! A great trip is to start in either Healdsburg or Forestville, drive one way before noon, spend the day at one end, then drive back later. This way you get to see the area in two different light angles.
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Take Westside Road west off Healdsburg Avenue. You will be led through the hills surrounding Healdsburg which are home to many famous vineyards and wineries. Westside Road will connect you to River Road where you head east along the Russian River to Highway 101, leaving a short drive north back to Healdsburg.

Along the Coast

The options here are to either head north, or south.
South - leads along the Sonoma Coast State Beaches. This is a very fun option. The whole coastline is public property with state maintained access to the majority of beaches. You can stop at any point and walking down to your own private beach (if you make a smart choice).
North - covers a more rugged section of the california coast. Don't take this route if you are scared of heights. The road leads high up along the dramatic mountain faces hovering over the crashing waves below. Many lookout points allow you to stop and admire the views.

Armstrong Redwoods

Drive beneath towering redwoods. Armstrong Redwoods State Reserve is located just outside of Guerneville 20 minutes off of Highway 101. Take Armstrong Woods Road to the park from the downtown stoplight (Guerneville's second of two total). there is a fee enter with your car but it is well worth the price.

*For more details we recommend talking to the staff at the place you will be staying.


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