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Our Service - We put your business in front of visitors when they are researching where to stay and what to do.
The Network - Vervu.com (Healdsburg things to do) is part of the RussianRiverTravel.com network, the most used visitor info network for northwest Sonoma County.
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P.O. Box 526
16350 Third Street, Suite 3
Guerneville, CA 95446
(707) 633-4671 phone
(707) 922-5761 fax
Spotlight Business Feature
A full-featured spotlight-review of your business on the appropriate Vervu.com page. Visitors looking for your business type will not be able to miss the details of the service you provide. Includes a weblink, image, description and other business information. This is the staple of gaining customers through Vervu.com

Special Opportunity Spotlight
Advertise your business on key high-traffic pages with prominent block-style ads. These ads are a powerful space to convey your brand and position message to visitors.

Advertisement rates range from $10/month to $100/month.

How Advertisers Are Promoted
• Featured placement at the top of the listings
• Distinguishing photo and website link
• A full description of their business
• Toll free phone number and/or email address
• Business details such as amenities, prices or hours
• Access to hundreds of travel planners each month

Partnership Marketing
Vervu.com through RussianRiverTravel.com offers theme-based partnership marketing opportunities. For example - we have partnered with Sophie’s Cellars to produce the respected Wines and Vines column that drives traffic to their website, and with Vine Life to produce the Wine Picnic day tour. Contact Vervu.com to have us develop a partnership for your business.
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